iWitness Public Art Installation  |  Genocide Centennial opening during MOPLA 2015 at Grand Park in Downtown LA. 

The Mansion, Photographs by Jeff Minton |  Curated by Audrey Landreth for MOPLA 2014 at Siren Studios.

The Mansion, Photographs by Jeff Minton |  Curated by Audrey Landreth for MOPLA 2014 at Siren Studios.

about month of photography los Angeles

In April 2009, the inaugural Month of Photography Los Angeles showcased the enormous photography community, inclusive of commercial, fine art and photojournalism. As the second largest photography community in the United States, Los Angeles provides a distinctive backdrop to the celebration of the photographic image.

Month of Photography Los Angeles was established and exists to celebrate photography through a variety of events and programs that inspire and invigorate the photography professional, enthusiast, emerging professional and collector.

Month of Photography's two-fold mission is to advance dynamic programming designed to engage and stimulate the photography community, as well as to present a comprehensive resource of exhibitions and events.

Lucie Foundation and photo l.a. are pleased to announce the first CONVERGE: 11 DAYS OF FEATURED PHOTOGRAPHIC PROGRAMMING. This initiative in which both organizations will collaborate to bring together photographic initiatives honoring all aspects of photography, will include multiple exhibitions, events and celebrations to be presented during this comprehensive 11-day period.  Aligning with LA Arts Month in January, CONVERGE will provide destination programming where photo l.a., as the centerpiece, is surrounded by a robust Month of Photography Los Angeles (MOPLA) line-up. To accomplish this, for its ninth year, MOPLA moves from April to January 12 - February 12, 2017.


Month of Photography will endorse and present a variety of photographic exhibitions occurring in January.


Stimulating conversations to engage and inspire collectors, photographers, high school students, and everyone in between.


Through Pro'jekt LA, MOPLA's very own projection series, photography will be projected on walls and outdoor spaces of Los Angeles