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pro'jekt la series


Submit a thematic body of work for projection consideration. This submission process DOES NOT guarantee that your work will be selected for projection during MOPLA. Eligible submissions will adhere to the following guidelines:

A. Artwork must have a consistent or relevant theme throughout the imagery such as portraits, nightscapes, landscapes, nudes, photojournalism, music, sports, etc.,
B. There must be 20 images submitted for consideration. If your submission is selected, you may include up to 60 images total for the final projection.
C. Multiple submissions of different projection series are welcome.
D. Submissions must be received by January 30, 2012.

Required: Please enter Full Name , Only Alphabets Allowed
Contact Email
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General Description of the work submitted:

Please prepare your portfolio according to the specs below

  • Select the number of files you would like to upload
  • Naming your digital file: Firstname, Underscore, Lastname, Number. for example: John_Smith_1.jpg, John_Smith_2.jpg up the corresponding number of images you are submitting.
  • 72 DPI, anything larger will not upload properly for viewing
  • 800 pixels on the longest side
  • JPG only, NO TIF, GIF, PNG, PDF files will be accepted
  • Also, be sure that your extension is .jpg and not .jpeg as this could corrupt your file. If there is no extension at all, your image will appear black.
  • RGB, Grayscale, Black and White accepted, no CMYK
  • Be sure your file names DO NOT have any symbols such as apostrophes, dashes, slashes, percentage signs, dollars signs, asterisks etc. Underscores are the only acceptable symbol.
Upload Images
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Depending on the size of your files, uploading may take up to 5 minutes. If your submission has successfully uploaded, you will advance to a confirmation page and your portfolio is in good hands. If your submission was not accepted, and you have been brought back to the submission form, your images may not comply with one or more of the specs required that is listed above.

If you continue to experience difficulties with uploading after abiding by all the specs above, please email ONE image from the body of work to so we can identify the dilemma and incompatibility of the file to move forward with your submission. Thank you for your patience during our submission process.





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