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  • 5856 Adams Blvd

Robert Graham Studio

April 7 2016


Robert Graham Studio, 5856 Adams Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

A group exhibition of artists that crossed paths in the early 90s having a profound interaction featuring Jim McHugh, Robert Graham, Big Sleeps, Prime, Juan Carlos Munoz, Alex Kizu.

Opening April 7, 2016,  An Official Exhibition of Month of Photography Los Angeles AFTERMATH combines the photography of Jim McHugh, who documents the creative lives of five LA street artists, with these five artist's own art works and the rarely seen, large format photography of one of America’s greatest sculptors, Robert Graham.  

AFTERMATH is a commemoration of sculptor Robert Graham's 1993 outreach to endangered youth, using his now famous MOCA Torso Project;  to teach those from the dangerous other side of LA to make art, to work in bronze. Under Graham's guidance they fabricated a small female torso sculpture, the proceeds of which went to the newly forming Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.  "An exquisite work exhibiting the sculptor's best known subject, the female nude," Graham's small sculpture also became a symbol of possibility for many.

Juan Carlos Munoz aka “Heaven” was one of the original members who joined the TORSO project, and continued to work with Robert Graham as his studio assistant., and continues to work with his son Steven Graham at the studio workshop.  “Heaven” is an artist, muralist, and a sculptor.   This exhibition, AFTERMATH, brings together, works by “Heaven's” friends and fellow muralists, Gajin Fujita, Alex Kizu aka “Defer”, Joe Reza aka “Prime”, and Big Sleep, along with images by Jim McHugh, who photographed Robert Graham’s MOCA Torso project in 1992 for numerous magazine publications, and who has also photographed recent works of above artists.  

Robert Graham Studio Gallery, 5856 Adams Blvd. Culver City, CA 90232. 


Image © Jim McHugh