• bG Gallery (map)
  • 2525 Michigan Avenue, G8A
  • Santa Monica, CA, 90404
  • United States

Water and Sky, is an expansive blue wall installation from artists in a variety of fields depicting water and sky. The exhibit will be displayed for a week alone then joined by ceiling hanging sculptures to create the impression of creatures swimming through a sea of art.

Artists: Stephanie Bauer, Maria Bouquet, Ken Clark, Joelle Cooperrider, Pascaline Doucin-Dahlke, Bianca Dudeck-Mandity, David Dumo, Paige Emery, Lien Fong-Chi, Cindy Friedlander, Kaori Fukuyama, D.Keith Furon, Larry Graeber, Serge Hamad, Karen Hansen, Mimi Herrera-Pease, Seth Isakson, Kirk Kain, Campbell Laird, Jacobson Linda, Yvette Lodge, Donna Lomangino, Jessica Manelis, Marston Marie, Marie Massey, Cameron Mclntyre, Suzanne Merritt, Patty Neal, Linda O’Neil, Carol Paquet, Kathryn Pitt, Shrodrick S, Stephen Schiff, Renée Silva, Abby Sin, Olga Skorokhod, Paige Smith-Wyatt, Bryce Speed, Stephanie Sydney, Katharine Weber, Marion Wood, Madeleine Wories, Mara Zaslove

Exhibit runs through early March, 2017.