• LINE Hotel Los Angeles (map)
  • 3515 Wilshire Boulevard
  • Los Angeles, CA, 90010
  • United States

Wish You Were Here, Vol. 4, curated by Mental Health Club, is a postcard photography exhibition featuring 30 images by 15 artists.

The exhibition of postcard images will be presented in the lobby of the LINE Hotel. Postcards will also be featured in the hotel rooms and sold in Poketo (inside the LINE) for the duration of MOPLA.

Artists include:
Ana Cuba, Brian Vu, Caroline Tompkins, Cody Cobb, Daniel Dorsa, David Black, Delaney Allen, Jake Michaels, Kelia Anne MacCluskey, Logan White, Nathanael Turner, Scott Grover, Vishal Marapon, Yael Malka, and  Zhongjia Sun.

Image © Jake Michaels