• Curve Line Space (map)
  • 3348 North Figueroa Street
  • Los Angeles, CA, 90065
  • United States

Curve Line Space presents the show Marilyn by photographer Emily Berl which features large format color prints from her documentary portrait series exploring the ongoing legacy of Marilyn Monroe. The show also coincides with the release of Emily Berl’s first monograph, Marilyn (Sturm & Drang Publishers, 2018).

After her move to Los Angeles in 2012, photographer Emily Berl began to notice the image of Marilyn Monroe all over the city. It’s been over half a century since Marilyn’s death, and her image is stronger now than ever. Many who recognize Marilyn don’t know her movies, yet they accept her as the classic example of glamor and stardom. She embodies both the light and the dark side of the Hollywood Dream, represents a place that inspires the imagination, and offers a faraway glimmer of hope generation after generation.

For the women in this series who dress as Marilyn, whether as impersonators, tribute artists, or simply fans, she is more than a storied icon. She represents an important part of their lives: in some cases a lifelong career, in others a focus of deep love and dedication. These photographs examine the star’s endurance but more importantly, they are a look at the women who choose to channel the classic yet powerful notion of the Hollywood Dream that still thrives today.

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Image © Emily Berl