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Alessandro Cardinale | Cristina Gori | Hertha Miessner | Nuna Mangiante | Semra Sevin

Building Bridges Art Exchange is honored to welcome the above mentioned 5 artists to the city of Los Angeles as part of our International Program and as part of the Month of Photography LA 2018. The Relative Sharpness of Boundaries exhibit will explore the contribution of these five artists from Europe and South America, to generate a dialog about identity, boundaries, and tolerance.

Tolerance is a function of the relative sharpness of moral boundaries. As tolerance ebbs and flows in our society today, these works show how the nature of tolerance and intolerance can become very clear through sharp contrasts. Sharpness can be found in the boundary between different tones or shapes; some of the artworks illustrate this contrast with a bar pattern of increasing spatial frequency. Many works are the result of the artists' investigations of cosmopolitan cities as well as their own stories, individual perspectives, and cultures. The artworks on view range between photography, photographic installations, and videos.

Alessandro Cardinale graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. He has been working developing the theme of light and visual perception through many media preferring installation.

Cristina Gori graduated in Phenomenology of Contemporary Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice with a final dissertation titled "In-natural". She works in the field of photography and environment installations.

Hertha Miessner studied painting, lithography, and new media at The Academy of Fine Arts Munich. She continues to think of herself consistently as a painter, although her works are fluctuating between mixed media, photography, and video art installations.

Nuna Mangiante resents graphite-effaced photographic portraits and sculptural elements made of urban building materials in her series Aporías Móviles. As in previous examples of her work, she abstracts the notion of pencil drawing by filling in large surfaces that are in dialogue with the urban panorama. Nuna Mangiante is a recent Premio de Fotografía Contemporánea Argentina awardee.

Semra Sevin's photographic training involved working in Paris as a photography assistant for international advertising and fashion photographers. The broad conceptual focus of her work has been around relations between identity and place as well as art and culture.


Curated by Marisa Caichiolo.

A special thank you to BBAX sponsors Lidia Rubinstein, MD & Judson Mock.