Aesthesia Studios 

Apr 05 2014

2014 MOPLA: Pro’jekt LA, Pocko Times - An Official MOPLA Event

12130 Washington Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90066

Admission: Free

Pocko Times Light Works chronicles the works of arguable some of the world’s most important artists in the field of documentary, staged and fine-art photography. Light Works is the third edition of Pocko Times’ art journal series. 

Bouldevard 3 

April 25, 7-9pm

2014 MOPLA: Pro’jekt LA Closing Night

Admission: Free

MOPLA's Official Closing will feature a special series of projections will be presented throughout the evening, including Powerhouse, a stellar display of strength and talent by the LA Chapter members of ASMP, the premiere trade association for the world's most respected imaging professionals, curated by Yasmin Alishav.