doc! photo magazine volume Q6 #41

doc! photo magazine volume Q6 #41_cover01.jpg
doc! photo magazine volume Q6 #41_cover01.jpg

doc! photo magazine volume Q6 #41


Published by BLOW UP PRESS

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doc! photo magazine volume Q6 #41

September-November 2017 edition of doc! photo magazine, a quarterly mook dedicated to

contemporary documentary photography (with a small doze of art). The magazine presents today’s

world as seen through the lenses of established and emerging photographers, always following its


This edition of doc! photo magazine commemorates Stanley Greene, an outstanding American

photojournalist who died in May last year. It also tracks aircrafts used by the Argentine military

regime to liquidate political opponents (story by Giancarlo Ceraudo). The issue also includes

never-published before Polaroids of Wim Wenders and a long-term project by Vlad Sokhin showing

the effects of rising sea and ocean levels for local communities of Alaska and Pacific countries.


Full list of featured projects includes:

• Ferhat Bouda - The Berbers in Morocco: A Culture of Resistance

• Giancarlo Ceraudo - Destino Final

• Bogdan Dziworski - You Catch It or Not

• Jung A Kim - Unseen

• Stanley Greene - In Memory of: Stanley Greene by NOOR

• Chris Niedenthal – 3 x Veto

• Vlad Sokhin – Warm Waters

• Ilona Szwarc – I know what your misfortune is

• Alexander Vasukovich - Commemorative Photo

• Wim Wenders - Instant Stories


doc! photo magazine is printed on high quality uncoated paper meeting criteria of ISO 9706 and

American Library Standard ANSI/NIZO Z39-48-1992 certificates, given to archival papers that, if

stored properly, preserve their quality and properties for 200 years.



• Third place for Aneta Kowalczyk in the 75th POYi’s Magazine Visual Editor of the Year category

doc! photo magazine volume Q6 #41


Photographers: Stanley Green | NOOR, Vlad Sokhin, Wim Wenders, Bogdan Dziworski, Ferhat

Bouda, Giancarlo Ceraudo, Alexander Vasukovich, Chris Niedenthal, Ilona Szwarc, Jung A kim

Essays by: Georges Vercheval, Wojtek Wieteska

Interviews with: Bogdan Dziworski. Giancarlo Ceraudo

Cover photo: Stanley Greene | NOOR

Layout: Aneta Kowalczyk

Cover: soft

Paper: Munken Lynx 130 g/m2

Format: 235Å~320 mm

Number of pages: 208

Number of photographs: 145 (including 84 B&W’s and 61 colours)

Language version: English

Year published: 2017

Publisher: BLOW UP PRESS

ISSN: 2299-2855