Piedra-Padre, Universo

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Piedra-Padre, Universo_17 copy.jpg

Piedra-Padre, Universo


By Clara de Tezano


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Piedra-Padre, Universo / Photobook 

This sequence travels in its narrative through a polygonal movement between the figure of a father, embedded childhood, the weight of ancestors, and the anxiety of existing in this universe, in its immensity. The sensation that emulates is of being an expanding receptacle recognising the distance towards the coordinates of an occult map and profound family constellations that are the source of an existential drama. The prism, as a synthesis towards all this personal search.

Book concept by Clara de Tezanos and Alejandro Cartagena
Design by David Bozareyes, Rodrigo Morales, Clara de Tezanos and Alejandro Cartagena
Edited by Alejandro Cartagena
Printed in the Guatemala
Published by Clara de Tezanos, edition of 200 
130 pages
22 x 15.5 cm
Different Fabric hardcovers